What can be done?

The charity believes that much can be done. What it doesn't yet know is how best to tackle the problems or how long they will take to fix. This due to a number of factors, namely:

  1. The problems (namely the causes behind road kill and challenges facing the charity as it attempts to address road kill) are largely unknown. The charity needs to spend significant time working out these problems.
  2. The lack of resources required to understand the problems, find appropriate solutions, implement the solutions and monitor the outcome.
  3. The charity currently lacks the finance required to implement solutions.
  4. The charity has not yet established adequate connections with other organisations, which will be required to implement the solutions.

Solutions will also come in two forms:

  1. Those that can be implemented without much consideration because the solution is cheap, the implications of not introducing the solution prolongs suffering of animals and the risk of it having an adverse effect are low. The only disadvantage of such solutions is that the positive effect of the charity's aims are difficult (if not impossible) to measure. An example of such a solution would be road signs reading "Slow Down for Wildlife" placed in areas where significant animals are known to have been killed and / or injured.
  2. Those that require considerable understanding of the problem, are expensive to implement and / or where the risk of not implementing the solution could be severe. Examples of such a solution could be the development of wildlife habitat and under-road tunnels.
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