Requirement 001001


A method of surveying roadkill is required

Priority: MUST


A survey method is required to ensure there is consistency in the observations that are made and recorded. This includes ensuring that the full breadth of details are recorded, to maximise understanding of:
- the roadkill issue
- trends
- hotspots
- changes (whether positive or negative).

It should also be noted that survey observations must be independently varifiable (this needs to be logged as a seperate sub requirement.

Requirement owned by:

The trustee role 'Charity Architect' needs to own this requirement.

Current State:

Not started

Current State Description:

Whilst work on this requirement hasn't formerly started, it should be noted that the 2014 survey did provide a level of understanding about how future roadkill surveys should be conducted. This understanding from the 2014 Survey needs to be documented so it can form an initial framework, which is then socialised to determine issues with the proposed approach.

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