Requirement 001002


The survey method shall not risk the safety of surveyors or other road users.

Priority: MUST


Both the 2013 and 2014 surveys demonstrated that surveyors are at risk from a collision with an oncoming vehicle. Some spots are naturally more hazardous than others. (These need to be documented.)

Surveyors (and other public facing members) need to be protected from negative public interactions. An incident involving mild verbal abuse, was experienced during the 2014 survey (shout from a passing van).

It is also important that roadkill surveys do no cause hazards to other road users. The charity shouldn't ignore that fact that poor observations and lack of care by road users could result in conflict or accident. The charity must take every care possible to prevent such incidents.

Furthermore, it is important to stress that StopRoadKill is a road safety charity. Its primary goal is to stop the death or injury of any animal, including the human animal, on UK roads.

Note also, that the safety of surveyors and road users must always be considered when designing survey methods.

The consequences on not meeting (and of not understanding) safety requirements must also be understood.

Requirement owned by:

The trustee role 'Health & Safety Specialist' needs to own this requirement.

Current State:

Not started

Current State Description:

Some understanding of road safety for surveyors and road users have been conceptualised during the 2013 and 2014 surveys. These conceptualisations need to be documented. These conceptualisations should only be seen as a starting point to stimulate further discussion.

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