Role: Animal Welfare Specialist

It is likely that as we extend our activities we shall start to come across injured animals. We require Animal Welfare specialists to ensure the charity is giving correct advise to those who find the injured animals. This is for the protection of both the animal and the person who finds the animal.

We expect that the Animal Welfare specialist will also:

  • help to establish an appropriate network for receiving and caring for injured animals
  • provide valuable advice about the handling of dead animals

Though we are not certain yet what qualifications we expect from our Animal Welfare specialists, we do expect that we will require access to veterinary, animal handling and animal care skills.

Whilst this is likely to be an evolving role, we would welcome interest from any person who considers that they have animal knowledge that they believe we will be able to utilise to achieve our objectives.

The Animal Welfare Specialist is a Trustee role.

As a Trustee you will also be involved in setting the charity's vision & objectives, ensuring the charity has the required capabilities to achieve its objectives and that the Charity is operating in a safe and compliant manner.

You can learn more about the Trustee role and associated responsibilities at the Charity Commission's website (click here).

TrusteElearning.org has also converted the Charity Commission's requirements into a training pack. You would be required to complete this training before taking up a role as Trustee of the Stop Road Kill charity. You can review this pack at the TrusteElearning website (click here).

If you are interested in this role, or any other of the volunteer roles, please complete our contact form ... (click here).

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